Staff Augumentation

hands on experience

We have worked with multiple frameworks, tools, domains to have to hands-on experience which can be of great advantage. These experiences are accumulated from past projects.

Lower Costing

Having a team onsite and Remote helps in balancing the cost, reduce operational pressure

International talent pool

Our Talent Pool is located in multiple countries in Asia, our clients can benefit from our diverse pool

Faster Ramp-up

Working on certain area of experts help us to manage and maintain a pool of resources and bench strength, which our clients can leverage upon and build the teams on a shorter notice

Our Engagement Model

Project Based

1. Contract are created based on time
2. Budget are fixed beforehand
3. Solid requirements are provided, further cost will be charged for any additional change request

Time and Material

1. The client requirement can change time to time
2. Project managed by client as per there schedule
3. Resources are provided on short term to long term based on project needs

Placement Services

1. Due to internal policies and mandates, client at times needs the expert resources to be on there own payroll
2. Our expert technical recruiters screen and shortlist after a thorough understanding of the client requirement

Staff Augmentation

1. We let our client decide on each team member either offshore or onsite, based on the need
2. Project knowledge and domain expertise are provided by client