What do we do?

Infodrive Solutions is a leading Technology solution provider and we are helping many start-ups and small-medium businesses to build products from scratch, providing curated IT resources they need for technical implementation and bringing a better understanding of the costs of development


We analyse your start-up model in entirely, consult and offer the right technology solutions


Our leading technology experts will bring you the latest technologies with a variety of great benifits and catered solutions.

We build custom applications for product-market fit:

  • mobile and/ or web applications
  • blockchain-based applications
  • enterprise solutions(salesforce)

Technology Solutions for Start-Ups

Founding and running a start-up could be an extremely exciting yet highly challenging endeavour. Technology plays a very essential role in start-ups. Today, close to 90% of start-ups face failure due to the challenges faced with the fast pace of technology development as well as the growth of well-known companies in the market.
Employing the services provided by software development outsourcing vendors like us will allow start-ups  to have better technical execution, by ensuring product quality is ready for pitching and fund-rising.

Why Your Start-Up Should Work With Us?

Faster Product

Launch product in shortest time possible using technology solutions

Lower Costing

Easily break down business expenses accordingly, reduce funding pressure

Mitigate Risks

Mitigate challenges on an end-to-end journey with us to a completed product

Expert Advisor

CTO and Founders with multiple exits providing start-up entrepreneurs with advices